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Interested in some of the recent research in the world of paleontology? Or looking for science activities for your students? Keep on reading!

  1. NPR Student Podcast Challenge
    Looking for a cool project for your classroom? NPR is launching the opportunity for teachers and students grades five through 12 to create their own podcast based on a subject or topic of their choice. The submission timeline is January to March, 2019, so start thinking of ideas soon! You can read more about the competition here.
  2. Upcoming events at the Burke Museum
    There are a number of awesome upcoming events at the Burke Museum, including your final chance to visit the old building before it permanently closes! Here’s a list of what’s on the calendar:–Final Free Week at the Burke: Your last chance to visit the old building (and see the Tufts-Love Rex) until the museum reopens fall 2019!
    Photo credit: Cathy Morris

    –I Dig Dinos: A great chance for young aspiring paleontologists to learn about dinosaurs in a hands-on way!
    Photo credit: Rachel Crick

    –TAKE FLIGHT: Last Night at the Museum: A New Year’s Eve party (and the last night in the old museum) that you definitely don’t want to miss!
    Image credit: Burke Museum

  3. Other happenings in paleontology:

    –Publication on Prehistoric Body Theater, an art-science collaborative project created by performance artist Ari Rudenko and DIG founder and director Dr. Greg Wilson.

    –Paper on the evolutionary history of mammalian tooth attachement, co-authored by former DIG instructor and UW graduate student Megan Whitney.

    –A paper on the osteohistology of Rapetosaurus, an interesting sauropod dinosaur, co-authored by UW graduate student Zoe Kulik.
    –Paper on the morphology of the Neanderthal thorax, co-authored by UW faculty member Dr. Patricia Kramer.

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