Back home – with bones!

Thank you, everyone, for another great Field School!

Group photo 2013 small croppedThe DIG Team is back in Seattle, more or less awake. We all took the weekend to relax and catch up on sleep, and hope you all got the chance to, too! Most of our gear is still in a huge pile in the lab, all the bones you all helped find, excavate, and haul out are tucked away in the Burke Museum. For the jackets, the next step is up to Bruce and his prep lab – he’ll open the jackets one by one and begin to prepare them (use tools to remove the rock matrix from around the bone). For the sediment, Greg’s lab will begin screening and picking some of the matrix – and a lot of it will end up in the DIG Boxes for you and your students to pick!

We’ve started a Flickr group to share photos and videos. We’ll have a nice recap of the Field School with lots of photos later this week!

Hiking out to the dino sites!
Hiking out to the dino sites!


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